In FollowApp's Analytics Dashboard, you'll notice various metrics pertaining to your practice, and practitioners. Below is an explanation of the main reporting metrics that are available.


  1. NPS Score: NPS (Net Promoter Score) is the percentage of patients rating their likelihood to recommend your practice, or individual practitioner to friends, family, colleagues, etc. The score is calculated as: NPS = % of Promoters - % of Detractors, where a promoter is someone who rates a score of 9-10, and a detractor is someone who rates a score of 6 and below.

Figure A: NPS over time

Figure B: NPS year-to-date and month-to-date

In the Analytics dashboard, you'll notice there is a graph to track NPS over time (Figure A above), as well as single metrics that give your NPS score as year-to-date and month-to-date (Figure B above).

2. Response Rates: Response rate is calculated as the number of responses received from patients divided by the number of total messages sent. FollowApp can create separate response rate metrics depending on your subscription level. For example, if you're on our CSP+Essentials plan, you'll have access to response rates for Aftercare, COVID Pre-Screening, and NPS. If you're on Essentials only, you'll have access to Aftercare and NPS response rates. And finally, if you're on our COVID Pre-Screening (CSP) plan, you'll have access only to the CSP response rates. Please contact if you'd like to update which of these are presented in your dashboard.

Figure C: Example graph of NPS and Aftercare response rates over time

Figure D: Example of Aftercare and NPS response rates, year-to-date

In the Analytics dashboard, you'll notice there is a graph to track Response Rates over time (Figure C above), as well as single metrics that give your Response Rates as year-to-date and month-to-date (Figure D above).

3. Number of Google Reviews: If your practice is sending Google Review requests through FollowApp, we provide a metric in the dashboard which tracks the total number of new reviews generated for your practice each month. **Note: this number represents the total amount of Google Reviews for your practice, regardless of if the review came directly from a FollowApp request.

Figure E: Example of Google Reviews metric on Dashboard, month-to-date

If you aren't currently sending Google Review requests to patients through FollowApp, and you'd like to begin doing so, please contact!

4. Other metrics available upon request: Number of active patients (year-to-date, or month-to-date), Number of Unresolved Alerts (per practice in your organisation), Alert Resolution Time (average time it takes your practice to resolve alerts).

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