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The recommended approach for Member (ie. Doctors) and Patient Procedure data import is to regularly (2-4 times per hour) send any data which has been created or modified since the last send, always sending the Members (ie. Doctor) data first and waiting for completion before sending the Patient Procedure data.

This depends on having accurate creation/modification timestamps available in your data source. If these are not available then other approaches will need to be considered, and the frequency of your imports may need to either be higher (e.g. if driven by granular events from your data store) or lower (e.g. if bulk re-sending unfiltered data).

The most important consideration when defining the timing and sequencing of your data imports is that Member and Center (centre) data must exist in our system before it can be referenced in visit data. How this can be achieved is highly dependent on the nature of the source data and the practices at your organisation.

Please contact us at if you need further advice from our engineering team to help get things just right!

If you have more questions, please see our FAQ sections on Member Imports and Patient Procedure Imports

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