Some organisations/companies may operate with multiple Centres (also known as Clinics, Practices, Sites, etc). This video will show you how to add additional Centres to your organisation within FollowApp.

Step by step guide

  • Navigate to the ‘Settings’ page using the left navigation bar

  • Click on the ‘Manage Centres’ tab near the top of the page

  • You’ll see a blue button that says ‘Add Centre’. Click this to open the Add Centre pop-up

  • You’ll be prompted to fill in information about the Centre you are adding. The required fields are:

  • Centre Code (or, External ID) – A unique identifier for this particular Centre. We recommend developing a naming system such as ‘Name-StreetNumber’. For example, a Centre called Westfield Dental with an address of 2345 Bond Street could have ExternalID = ‘Westfield2345’

  • Centre Name

  • Time Zone

  • Language

  • Email Address We recommend using the front-office email address for this.

  • Website

  • Google Review Place ID (**Applicable If you are on the Essentials Plan, and your clinic is registered as a Business in Google) -- Adding your clinic's Place ID to the centre will allow patients to be directed to Google when sending feedback requests as part of your Essentials Plan. To find your Place ID, click here, and enter your clinic name into the search bar on the Map. When you've found it, simply copy the string of characters where it says "Place ID", and paste that directly into FollowApp. See image below:

  • SMS Send From Name This is what appears as the sender name when an SMS is sent to a patient. **Limitations**: Can contain up to 11 characters. However, the Send From Name must include at least 1 letter, and cannot contain any special characters (period, comma, hyphen, etc) or spaces.

  • Email Send From Name – This is what appears as the sender name when an Email is sent to a patient. **There are no limitations on characters**

  • Address

  • Finally, click Save to add this centre to your organisation.

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