After logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to connect your FollowApp account with your Dentally account. Full step by step instructions are below the video.

Log in to the FollowApp platform.

Upon logging in, the first screen you'll see gives a short overview of the process to connect your FollowApp account with Dentally. Click 'Let's go!' to continue.

Next, click "Login to Dentally", and enter your Dentally credentials when prompted.

Enter the email and password you have set up with Dentally and click "Log in". You will see a loading wheel while the connection is being made. Please do not navigate away from the page.

A video will appear which will outline how FollowApp interacts with Dentally to schedule communications for your patients. To skip this, simply press 'Continue'.

The final page will have a recap of the process. Click 'Start using FollowApp' to finalise the integration. Note: clicking 'Start using FollowApp' will NOT immediately schedule and send communications to your patients. Please see the next section for how to launch communications.

Your alerts page will be blank until a patient responds to a check-in and triggers an alert. You can navigate to the Visits page in the left navigation to see scheduled communications.

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