You can invite other staff members to have a login for the FollowApp platform.

Step by step guide

Navigate to the ‘Settings’ page using the left navigation bar.

Click on the ‘Manage Members’ tab near the top of the page if it is not already selected.

You’ll see a blue button that says ‘Add New Member’. Click this to open the Add Member pop-up.

You’ll be prompted to fill in information about the member you are adding. The required field are:

  • ExternalID – A unique identifier for this particular staff member.

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Member type – you will be able to choose from a set of pre-made roles, however the roles applicable to Dentally practices will be either: Organization Manager, Center Manager, or Center Receptionist.
    Do not add Doctors to the FollowApp platform, as they will not sync with appointments you make on Dentally. If a doctor is added in Dentally, it will automatically be added in FollowApp !

  • Centre(s) – This will determine which centre this staff member is a part of. It is possible for a member to be assigned to multiple centres (e.g. the case of a Center Manager that works across multiple clinics for the same organization).

  • Email address - the email must be unique (i.e. 2 users cannot be associated to the same email address). A "complete your account" email will be sent to the email address you provide here as soon you have pressed the "Save" button, allowing them to create their password and access the platform.

Click the ‘Save’ button once you are finished.

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