Force sending a message can be useful if you would like a patient to receive a particular communication immediately (prior to its scheduled send time).

Step by step guide

  • Navigate to a patient’s profile. You can do this by finding the particular patient visit in the ‘Visits’ page, or from the ‘Patients’ page by searching for the patient’s name or external ID.

  • In the Timeline section of the page, you will notice the Visits that have been created for this particular patient.

  • Clicking on a Visit will cause it to expand, showing you all of the communications associated with this Visit and their status (Scheduled, Delivered, or Check-in Responded).

  • Click on the Settings icon in the Visit’s title.

  • A drop down will appear, prompting you to select either ‘Force Send’ or ‘Stop Messages’.

  • Clicking Force Send will open a pop-up where you can select a message to send immediately.

    Once you’ve selected a message, click ‘Send Selected Message’ to send this message immediately.

    Alternatively, you can ‘Stop Messages’ if you don't want certain patient to receive a specific message.

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