For your patients to receive the necessary communications from your practice, you will be required to set up a ‘Visit’. This will determine when the communications will be sent to a patient, and allow you to select which communication set you would like them to receive.

Step by step guide

  • Navigate to the ‘Patients’ tab using the left navigation bar

  • Identify the patient for which you’d like to add a visit by using the search bar in the upper right corner, or by scrolling the patient list until you find the correct patient.

  • Click the ‘+’ icon in the row associated with the patient. This will open a pop-up on your screen.

  • You will be prompted to fill out information about the visit. The required fields are:

  • Date – this will be the date of the patient’s appointment

  • Doctor – you will select the doctor from the dropdown list

  • Aftercare Message Set – this will determine which communications the patient will receive

  • Communication Type – this will allow you to specify whether the patient will receive communications via SMS or Email. The default setting is SMS.

  • Click on ‘Add Visit’ once the information has been entered.

  • The pop-up screen will then show the details of the visit you are about to create. Double check that all the information is correct. You also have the option to send the first message in the Aftercare Message Set immediately, instead of on the date shown that it is automatically scheduled for by checking the box at the bottom of the pop-up.

  • Once you have confirmed the visit is set-up properly, click on ‘Confirm Visit’.

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